Rakesh Rajdev's Navaratri
રાકેશ રાજદેવની નવરાત્રી

How does Rakesh Rajdev and Rupal Rajdev celebrate Navaratri?

Parental Upbringing

Parental upbringing is essential in every individual’s life. The children can learn how their parents react to certain situations, which prepares them for all life challenges and also adapt their ways of leading their lives. Prataprai Rajdev and Vimlaben Rajdev, helpful Samaritans – who touched people’s hearts with his generous gestures, were noble parents, noted for their empathy and capability to relate to people and set an excellent example for their son Rakesh Rajdev.
rakesh rajdev's રાકેશ રાજદેવ parents

Festivals and Kids

rakesh rajdev and rupal rajdev રાકેશ રાજદેવ રૂપલ રાજદેવ
Festivals are important occasions which allow you to become closer to people and share a good time with them. The less privileged people cannot celebrate their events like the other privileged people, which is why Mr. Rakesh Rajdev and Mrs. Rupal Rajdev try their best not to let those kids feel inferior and celebrate to the fullest. Rakesh Rajdev is continuously working to support the less privileged people and make this world a secure place for them. He brings happiness to their faces, awakens their desire to live, and helps them realize how beautiful life is by holding special events and competitions for the children belonging to the under-privileged community along with his wonderful and supportive wife, Rupal Rakesh Rajdev.

Navaratri: Pre & Post COVID-19

Before COVID-19 took over the world and allowed poverty to rise greatly, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev and Mrs. Rupal Rakesh Rajdev hosted many events during Navaratri, which were open to children from all communities. They managed dinners with wonderful dishes, and all the children sat at the tables together to devour a good feast. There are no words to describe the smiles on their faces and how genuinely happy they looked to celebrate with other children.

However, this didn’t stop even after COVID-19. Mr. Rakesh Rajdev and Mrs. Rupal Rajdev still believe that children have the right to celebrate each occasion to the max, and there’s no better place than an amusement park to carry out all the fun activities. This year, they took almost 5000 to 7000 children belonging from the under-privileged society to an amazing amusement park named “Fun World” located at Rajkot (Gujarat, India), and the event turned out to be a success because of the wonderful management and distribution of prizes to children for winning various competitions.

Festival with Under-privileged

There were many activities, such as a horror house, 3D-4D theatre, fumble in the jungle, mirror maze, and more to choose from. The cherry on top, all rides, snacks, and confectionaries were free and distributed to everyone without leaving anyone out. Every child deserves the right to be educated, so the children were also gifted some other necessities like school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc., which were available in huge quantities. This distribution was on behalf of Rakesh Rajdev’s late mother, Vimlaben.

Many competitions were held, such as “The best traditionally dressed”, “Best Garba Dancer”, and “Best Rangoli” and the children had a wonderful time participating because they won several prizes for being the winners. A DJ was also invited to light up the day with some music, and some girls also performed Arvachin Garba, which is a traditional Indian dance with some unique moves. It was surely one of the best days of their lives, thanks to the countless efforts of Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Rakesh, who had a huge role in making this event a success.

Everyone’s face was beaming with happiness, and it brought great joy to Mr. Rakesh Rajdev and Mrs. Rupal Rakesh Rajdev because they had achieved their purpose. Their kindness teaches us that no matter where we are in the world, we always have to think about the less fortunate and consider them as people who deserve happiness, love, care, and compassion.
rakesh rajdev and rupal rajdev
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