Benevolence Of Rakesh Rajdev And Rupalben Rajdev Towards The Society

Rakesh Rajdev and RupalbenRajdev are two beautiful souls from the land of Gujarat. They are known for their dedication to serving humanity. Their kindness and selflessness have made them a big inspiration for many people.

Especially they made invaluable support to society during the COVID-19 pandemic. In India, we know that our society is mostly made up of middle-class and lower-middle-class people. Most of them lost their job and the daily wagers suffered a lot.

The couple understood that they suffer from hunger issues and hence they took a great step in offering the basic necessities to the people. With their social welfare organization Kanuda Mitra Mandal, they supported more than 50,000 laborers and sent them food packages, grocery packages, and sanitizers through 34 trains so that they will reach their hometowns themselves.

He offered support to the student’s education by offering school bags, notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, and other necessary stationery items. Around 8000 students got benefited through this step and for the deserving students Rakesh Rajdev also offered food packages so that they will not sleep on an empty stomach.

Apart from these, he also organized mass marriages to help poor adults get married, celebrated festivals with elderly and handicapped people so that they can enjoy their life, and motivated them to awaken the spirit of living within them. Donations for cow shelters, distribution of ration coupons, and medical coupons were also carried out by Rakesh and the team.

His support towards people was not only within the country but was extended worldwide. His support towards the earthquake in southern and central Turkey is a great example of his dedication to social welfare. Hence he offered all the necessary things and financial support despite the difficulties in the task to the people in Turkey.

Recently they celebrated Navratri – a special time for every Hindu in the best way. They celebrated this festival by organizing a special event through their NGO Kanuda Mitra Mandal. The couple took around 5000 to 7000 lower-class children to the Fun World – amusement park located in Rajkot, Gujarat. It was a fun-filled Sunday for everyone.

The children were provided free access to the rides and were also provided with food and snacks throughout the day which includes lunch, popcorn, and ice creams. Also, educational kits were offered as gifts to these kids to encourage their education. It includes school bags, water bottles and lunch boxes. This distribution was carried out by Rakesh Rajdev in memory of his Late mother VimlabenRajdev.

To take this event to the next level, a DJ was also arranged so that many girls can take part in the Garba dance. The type of dance that was performed was called Arvachin Garba – a new form of Garba dance.

A grand gathering with religious leaders and saints from all over India was also organized at the Seasons Hotel in Rajkot. This function is called Bhagwat Saptah – which is a sacred tradition that holds more value in the Hindu religion. Here one can get a deeper understanding of the divine and spirituality. Also, during this gathering, the story of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations will be narrated.

Their kindness teaches us that no matter where we are in the world, we always have to think about the less fortunate and consider them as people who deserve happiness, love, care, and compassion.

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